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Wil Gibbs

Research Assistant at SEFCOM

My main focus on research is Android native libraries. On top of my main research of android systems, I also have several projects that deal with binary analysis.

Aside from my research, I also participate heavily in CTFs (Capture The Flag) competitions on teams pwndevils and shellphish.

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Education & Diplomas

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Master Degree of Computer Science

Arizona State University

I am planning to graduate this spring with my masters in computer science.
My thesis for this degree is "Who Killed The Canary: An Exploration Into Native Android Security Protections"

Dec, 2018

Bachelor of Science Computer Science

Arizona State University

I graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science from Arizona State University with a focus on Cyber Security.
I also graduate from Barrett The Honors College at the same time.

Projects & Activities

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  • White Hat Grand Prix

    Participated in the 2018 White Hat Grand Prix finals in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • Defcon 26

    Helped Host DEF CON 26 CTF Finals in Las Vegas, NV with Order of the Overflow

  • iCTF 2018

    Hosted iCTF, one of the longest running Attack/Defense CTFs

  • Chess & Hacks

    Development role in ASU DARPA programs HACCS and CHESS, programs for automatically finding vulnerabilities in real world software.

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